Creating a total branding for a new kids webshop always is fun and exiting. This was no different. To start we made a short list of fonts who would work within this concept. After some good communication with the former owner of URBAN MINI SHOP, we were on the right track. The logo is a combo of a hand drawn font and geometric shapes,  which gave it its unique feel. Working with a small palette of soft pink, aqua green and ochre keeps things coherent and fun. 


business cards

We made custom drawings for the urban mini chief and -officer and used this to make their business cards one of a kind. The cards where printed on "wild paper" with a letterpress touch.



A flyer was needed to promote their upcoming event. The briefing was simple: summer/tropical/fun but keeping the URBAN MINI color scheme in mind. A few illustrations placed as a graphic pattern was the right backdrop for the flyer. 


set backdrop

Every webshop needs nice pictures so they wanted to bring some of the graphic elements into the pictures. Starting from the flyer we cut and pasted all the elements in a large poster. Perfect to complement the plants and scenery.